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The gap between academics and market requirement has increased over the years which make the fresh passout graduate irrelevant to the current market scenario.

We interview nearly 5000 new graduates every year but only 8 percent manage to clear the basic aptitude round and only 2 percent are employable.

The applicants who stand out in terms of market relevant technical skills and extra curricular activities are as low as 1 percent.

There is an unbreakable pattern of “herd mentality” amongst these new graduates, which makes them indistinguishable to select right talent.


A number of seasoned companies and startups that together account for substantial graduate recruitment every year are moving towards automation, leaving an alarming percentage of graduates unemployed.

A scenario in the not too distant future is predicted to put even the working professionals under the unemployment shadow due to automation.

Professional courses and academia have lost the market relevance and the emerging graduates fail to realize this.

The technology companies are looking for an entirely evolved skill set in the applicants, which sadly are not nurtured largely by the academic institutions.

Course At a Glance


DDStep is an Initiative to guide the graduates and professionals in bridging the gap between market - irrelevant academia.

The course content is created after intensive research by Ivy League alumni posessing more than 25 years of combined experience.

The Management has worked for Fortune 100 companies, Wall Street hedge Funds and Silicon Valley Startups and currently run an award winning Full Scale Digital Agency in New Delhi and Philadelphia - USA.

Success stories from previous batches speak for themselves.

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